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Why only Kriyos for custom software development?

Kriyos is a company that strongly believes in going to any extent take any amount of coding pain in providing its customers with exactly what they want. We do not like deviating from the required software development even to the slighest extent. You will find developers here who love coding, so called software development geeks. And over the years with all the extensive expereince they have gained, they can understand your software requirements in the very first time they get them. Our preferred working model is the samll/dedicated team model. This model proved to be advantageous for our customers. We believe in listening to our customers. In the process of software development we listen to the minutest detail you provide and work on getting the exact solution you imagined.

Our developers dig into your imagination, customize the product to the way you want and try to make it even a better product. Custom software development is our way of developement. We do not blindly follow a standard procudere and just go coding by that. We step into our customer's shoes and try to understand what they need. We have served a variety of software and web application development projects ranging from start-ups to large educational institutions and to public companies. Our key aaset in the process of development being listening. We listen, listen and listen to our customers. We let them speak their hearts. Custom Software Development Company is what we call ourselves because of this fact that we listen to our customers very carefully without letting any slighest detail going unnoticed and then put down our best efforts in shaping out the perfect software solution they seek.

We hire Programmers with high expertise and rich technical knowledge who are well versed with development of software. Our team of software developers have expertise in many different platforms, languages, and systems, including many legacy systems. Whether we take up the project from the scratch or start working on it from some left over portion we make sure we deliver the customized software solution to the client Our Company's development concept is this.
Our IT Services -Custom Software development approach will then put together all the requirements analyze the required software/technologies to accomplish the task and customize the solution.

Custom Software Development Company - Kriyos

1Custom Software Development/IT Consulting Services

Custom software development and software outsourcing is our core business at Kriyos. Our custom software development is not limited to any particular technology. We take up customizations in any given technology.
As our tagline says Customization meets Innovation, at Kriyos all we do is Custom Software Development.
Gather requirements from our customers analyze and understand them well, go into action. Provide an excellent sofwtare solution with the necessary customization.
This has been our task since many years and we have been successful in getting the correct customized solution for our clients along with the flavour of our innovative software development in it.
2Custom Web Software Development - QTC
QTC, the three important elements we take utmost care in our custom software development.
Providing high in quality, low in cost solutions/services/software to our clients with on-time delivery is our motto.
At kriyos, we solve business challenges using enterprise-level custom software development solutions. Our end-to-end software development services include expert strategic technology consulting and development all the way through to launch, production support and marketing.
The offshore location of our development centers allows Kriyos to offer customers very cost effective yet world-class quality software development outsourcing and testing. We pride ourselves in being very responsive in customer service, strong on quality and effective at getting the software development done. We do take up fixed price jobs and hourly rate jobs based on the project and also the customer's convenience.
3Kriyos "Custom web application development"

Kriyos has a fine-tuned, right-sized approach that is tailored to help you meet your business goals with style while mitigating risk.
Software solutions for any company is an inherent constituent of the business success. That is the reason why you should pay real attention when purchasing software for your company. It’s almost impossible to find a software solution which will include all the features you expect from the software. This is the crucial pro to find a product with custom software development. When selecting the most suitable custom software development company, you need to exactly find your position regarding what you will ask for and what you need. Larger part of custom software development companies will implement your software just according to your view you submitted to them without any additional project research. In this event you may find your custom software depending on many factors: platform it is installed to, hardware, etc. This is where Kriyos stands out from other companies.

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Software from any software development company

What determines the software development price of that company?
The cost of software and its development is determined in many ways.
Per Seat is determined by how many seats in your business/company will be using the software at any given time.
Per Concurrent User is based on a set amount of users/developers that can access the software at one time. (Example: 5 concurrent users means a program can be installed on 20 machines but only a maximum of 5 people can use the system at once.)
Per Processor is calculated on how many machines (PC’s or servers) the software will be running on.
What types of on-site services are included in the purchase?
Many software development programs that are higher in price should include some amount of on-site services/development or support. If it does not, ensure that all (software development/service & support) are built into your contract with that company before purchasing.
Custom web application - Is there a guarantee of satisfaction with the company's software?
Many software companies wouldnt respond much once they are over with the deal. However, Kriyos has a unique program where it offers 180 day trail period on all its services/development/support projects i.e, even after the software project is closed, we take care of all the issues free off charge.
What is the turnaround time for getting “bugs” fixed?
Unlike other companies, Kriyos developers are more than willing to work on any bugs that crawl from their code, correct them and assure 100% quality to the customers for a lifetime without any charge. Our responsibilty doesnt end by just developing the code but we install them on your machines ensure that programs are running fine and bugs at any stage will be rectified immediately.
How often do program updates go out and do the company notifies its customers?
Kriyos notifies all its customers regularly about updates regarding any upgrades/modifications to its software/development/support.
Is the proposed software scalable in design?
Software that is scalable in design simply means that it can easily grow with your business, at minimal cost of development to you. That is what Kriyos does through its customization meets innovation approach.
In an effort to meet your business needs how customizable is the system?
Our company offers customizable software development that you find would meet the specific needs of your busines rather than providing some standard software.
What are the typical hurdles that you can expect/find with your planned installation?
No matter what generation the software is currently in, the software company should be able to warn you of the hurdles that they find/have experienced in implementations they have done. Our company takes the complete responsibility in this regard.
Find the hours of support and how the company's support department operates?
Before getting married to a software development company by purchasing their product/software, find out where the company is located and if the company has what is defined as a “passive” or “active” customer support system.
Is there a list of items that have been requested to be included in the next update of the software?
By finding this before hand you can find, assess and decide on whether you can want that particlaur feauture with your software development or not.

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